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Whatever the occasion, we’ll show you a different way to make a party of it! Come to this most exciting and exotic party venue in all of North India!
We can get the party sizzling for group sizes from minimum 10 to as many as 300 people.

Kiddie Birthday Parties

A birthday comes but once a year – and what better treat for your child than to celebrate it at Oh!Max? Fun is the theme, and fun we’ll deliver, along with our Sea Ball Pool, Trampoline Park and Integrated Food Area. At Oh!Max parties your little one and their friends will experience all the themes, adventures and shows plus special birthday activities including The Chocolate Factory, Jungle Of Amazon and many more. We even have Kids Soft Play Area, especially for toddlers!

What’s more, you can delight all the guests with special return presents from the Oh!Max memorabilia shop on the premises.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot and Reception at Oh!Taj

Looking for that perfect romantic location for your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot? Want to wow your Samdhis and their guests with the most exotic reception ever, or is it your special anniversary coming up? Do it at Oh!Taj.

Our resplendent Mughal Gardens can seat up to 500 guests, and the backdrop of the imposing Taj will take your breath away. Let your guests swoon with delight and have the party of their lives in the delectable presence of our Taj replica. And our well-trained staff and impeccable arrangements will make your event something to remember for years.

Oh!Max: Tips on how to plan a kid’s birthday party

Making your kid happy on their big day can get overwhelming, especially if you’re too busy to plan parties. You get stressed since there are details that should not be overlooked such as the food, decorations and the guest list. What’s harder is trying to figure out how you can make the party memorable enough for them to remember even when they’ve all grown up.

Planning a kid’s birthday party doesn’t have to be stressful! Oh!Max is here to help you organize a fun celebration with some useful tips. If you carefully break your party plans down into simple tasks, everything can go smooth. 

Follow these tips to plan the perfect birthday party for your child:

Choose a theme

Although a birthday party can be done without a theme, it’s encouraged to have one to make it more memorable for the kid and their guests. Make sure to include your child in the brainstorming process! Ask about their interests or hobbies and align them with the party theme. You can also ask about their favourite fictional characters, toys and video games they like playing.

Here are some party ideas to consider:

  • Dinosaur birthday party
  • Superhero birthday party
  • Pancakes and pyjamas party
  • Princess-themed birthday party
  • Mermaid party
  • Summer camp

Send invitations

Once you’ve decided on a theme, plan your guest list and send out invitations. This will be a lot easier if you’ve already planned your budget. Decide how many people the party can accommodate so you can manage expectations before the event. 

Always remember to include your kid’s best friends! Check on their availability beforehand. You can also add some wiggle room for unexpected guests.

Choose the location

Picking the right location can be hard since there are a lot of options to choose from. The first step you should take is to decide if you want to rent a venue or not. Celebrating the party at home can help you save money, but it might get demanding. You will handle all the activities, the planning and the after-party clean up. It will make it hard for you to entertain your guests, making you miss out on the party’s fun.

However, hiring a venue will allow you to sit back and relax. You can experience the special moments and enjoy the party with your child. The host will take care of all the activities such as the party games and picture-taking. 

Book your birthday parties with Oh!Max

Treat your children to the best birthday party of their lives here at Oh!Max! Let your kids and their guests embrace the fun with cool adventures only available at our place. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for inquiries!