Oh!Max: Everything you need to know about us

Welcome to Oh!Max! The best theme park in town is finally within your reach. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself with your kids and get along with your friends, book your fun with us. We offer different attractions and activities to make your stay memorable. No matter your age, having fun is a need!

Things to do

The best part about us is we are an indoor wonderland. Gone are the days where you have to worry about the weather when having fun at a theme park! Rest assured that the safety of your children is our priority as well. Oh!Max is a kid-friendly place where your kids can relax without trouble.

Here are some attractions to check out when you visit us:

The Secret Chambers of Taj

If you’re up for some adventures with a bit of learning, try The Secret Chambers of Taj! Discover the forbidden resting tombs of Sultan-E-Hind Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal. Meet them live at their secret resting place. You will have the chance to explore the secret chambers of the Taj Mahal like never before!

This attraction also offers a glimpse of Shahjahan’s real love for Mumtaz. Bring your romantic partner with you and learn about the greatest romance in history. There is also a holographic show displaying the architecture of the mausoleum. Come explore a replica of the real Taj Mahal, brought to life by dance and drama performances.


  • 40-feet realistic replica of the Taj Mahal
  • Forbidden hidden chambers of the Taj
  • Holographic show of Shahjahan and Mumtaz
  • 6D movie show 
  • Interactive Musical Theatre in Mughal Garden


  • Entry of children above 3 feet height is chargeable
  • The simulator ride is not recommended for pregnant ladies and those who have cervical problems
  • The entry fee is not refundable once payment is made
  • You have to register your entry at the counter 20 minutes before the show
  • No entries will be taken once the show starts

The Unsinkable Titanic

Sit in our submarine and take a tour of The Unsinkable Titanic with Captain Smith as he reveals different decks and vessel levels. Plunge 12,000 feet deep into the dark cold water of the North Atlantic in our submarine. Grab the chance to witness history and see what is left behind of the legendary Titanic! Meet the passengers and the boat crew and get to interact with them. This attraction is the best way to bond with your friends and learn history as you go!


  • Virtual submarine ride
  • Tour to various decks & compartments of the ship with Captain Smith
  • First-class dining hall tour
  • Captain John’s 3D projection show
  • Wreckage of Titanic
  • Tour of Titanic Museum

Jungles of Amazon

Experience the untamed Jungle of Amazon where everything comes alive with ancient caves, exotic plants and fierce animals of the wild. Explore the dense Amazon forest with realistic interactions with life-sized wild animals in their impressive actions. You can also meet living tribes around the forest! 

Witness the king of the jungle with his teams of other animals like Pot Pie and Warthog that join forces with the head of the tribe. Watch their heart-stopping adventures as they escape from the hands of the hunter! Make sure to bring your kids and let them enjoy the show.


  • Reconstructed jungle safari
  • Life-like animals in action

The Mirror Maze 

Do you have it in you to escape this maze of mirrors? Get ready to lose and find yourself in an incredible Mirror Maze here at Oh!Max. This attraction is exciting and thrilling which can leave you confused yet entertained. Trust your reflection and stay calm, you will find the way out in time!

Challenge your friends in The Mirror Maze! Whoever finds their way out first wins the game. Prepare yourself for a fun-filled match inside the maze of mirrors!

Sea Ball Pool

Bring out the child in you in a pool of plastic balls! Experience India’s largest indoor ball pool with 3 tunnel slides, 1 plain slide and a climbing mountain. Bring the whole family, have lots of fun and let go of your problems for a while! Who doesn’t love diving and swimming in a ball pit?

Get stranded on a tropical island of colourful hollow plastic balls with a massive zorbing ball, a small trampoline and an air slide. Nothing beats this adventure in making your kid feel happy and youthful.


  • 3 tunnel slides
  • 1 plain slide
  • Climbing mountain
  • Zorbing ball
  • Small trampoline
  • Air slide
  • 3 lac balls


  • Ideal age: 2-8 years old
  • Adults are not allowed to use the ball pit

Treasure of TUT

Dare to explore and escape the cursed chambers in this attraction! Travel back for a thousand years and discover the mummy of Tutankhamen. Unearth the secret treasure with Kelvin the Archaeologist. 

Explore shimmering artefacts, heavenly statues and strange creatures as they appear from the mist in the cursed tomb of the Pharaoh. Escape and save your life from the keeper of the dead and the guardian of the mummy! 

This activity is an absolute stress-reliever. Get ready for the greatest adrenaline rush of your life!


  • 5D simulator ride
  • King TUT’s holographic show
  • Keeper of the dead and live mummies
  • Enthralling escape from the cursed tomb of King TUT


  • Not suitable for children below 8 years old
  • The simulator ride is not recommended for pregnant ladies and those who suffer from back pains

The Chocolate Factory

Let your child delight in the experience of making chocolates! Learn the art of making Oh!Chocolate which is a lot better than all the sweets you’ve tasted in your life. From milking the cows to selecting the cacao seeds, every stage is carefully displayed for a fun learning experience. 

Meet Prince and Princess Puducherry and witness the star attraction of the theme—Mr. Woody and the three Oompa Loompas! Watch them explain the process of chocolate making in an enchanting musical drama!


  • Mr Max Woody’s dance drama with Chinky, Chimney and Chintu
  • From BEANS to BARS – the detailed art of chocolate making 
  • Meet the animatronic chef

Trampoline Park

Jump for joy in the biggest trampoline park you will ever see! Angled trampolines are set up on all the sides around you so you can bounce off the walls with your family and friends. This is what you will find at the biggest trampoline arena in North India! Jump higher and dunk harder to show off your jumping skills to your friends. 

Trampoline Park can be enjoyed by just about anyone, of any age, shape and physical ability. Adults and children will certainly experience the unrivalled flying moments of their lives!


  • Foam pit
  • Climbing wall
  • Olympic trampoline
  • Trampoline for kids with foam pit
  • Slam dunk trampoline


  • The maximum weight capacity is 80 kg
  • 4ft height is required for participation

Adventure Park

Test your balance and strength on our indoor adventure rope course. Explore the world of adventure with the convenience of being indoors in a 3-level obstacle course. It’s finally time to test your skills by playing the hole-in-one challenge or dodging rays inside the arena!

Compete against your friends in the most adventurous indoor obstacle course here at Oh!Max! 


  • 34 obstacles to cross for completion


  • 4ft. height is required for participation
  • The maximum weight capacity is 80kg
  • Guests with heart complications and pregnant ladies are not recommended for this activity

Hear the feedback of our happy guests

Here at Oh!Max, we ensure that our guests will get their money’s worth with our attractions and entertainment shows. Your stay will be so enjoyable that you’ll already look forward to your next visit! We provide the best theme park for people who want to feel like a kid again. 

Read the best response from our satisfied guests:

“We had a fun experience in The Chocolate Factory! We were actually taught how to make chocolates.”

–     Ishita Virmani, Palwal

“Actors were really good at performing and they scared the hell out of us. The ladies were screaming in fear in the Treasure of Tut. Really enjoyable act.”

–     Piyush Singh, Ghaziabad

“The location and the performers are perfect! They gave us excellent performances during our stay.”

–     Tarun Jain, Delhi

How to reach Oh!Max? It’s simple!

Looking forward to your adventure-filled day at the largest indoor theme park in North India? Follow these easy directions to get here. We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you with the best activities you will never forget!

Oh!Max is located at OCP Mall, Beta II, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


  • Get off at Botanical Garden Metro Station.
  • Get an Ola/Uber to OCP Mall
  • Other means are also available from Botanical Garden Metro Station.

Private Vehicle

  • Driving distance from Botanical Garden Metro Station – 30 minutes, from Pari Chowk – 5 minutes
  • Take Captain Vijyant Thapar Marg and Maharaja Agrasen Marg to Noida-Greater Noida Expressway
  • Drive until you reach Pari Chowk T-Junction
  • Turn left at Pari Chowk on to Surajpur-Kasna Road towards OCP Mall


  • Get off at Pari Chowk Bus Stand, Greater Noida
  • Get a cab towards OCP Mall