Ohmax: Chill things to do during your theme park visits

Ohmax: Chill things to do during your theme park visits

Lots of people visit amusement parks for some adrenaline rush and heart-pumping rides—rollercoasters, water rides, drop towers and even trampolines. It’s one of the best places to keep your worries at bay and bond with your loved ones without too many inhibitions. 

A lot of activities and shows are waiting for you, so make sure to tag along in theme park adventures! However, some people are not thrill-seekers. They prefer sitting somewhere quiet, drinking a cup of coffee and reading a novel in peace. 

Most of them find amusement rides too terrifying and would rather go home than pass out on a rollercoaster. But don’t worry! Theme parks have a lot of activities you can enjoy that won’t make you run for your life. Here are some of them:

Watch a show

If you’re not a big fan of rides, you can watch fireworks and stage shows instead to keep you entertained. A lot of amusement parks shows can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life—plays, magic shows and musical performances of well-recognized actors. Get to know the stories behind your favourite characters and enjoy them with your friends!

During a show, make sure to turn your flash off to avoid disturbing the performers and the audience. Take your hat off and sit properly so you don’t block someone’s view.

Eat and drink

Aside from the thrilling rides of amusement parks, you also get to enjoy delicious meals and drinks you can’t find anywhere else. You can do your research ahead of time to know what the theme park offers and plan your budget for the food. Enjoy different desserts and sweets such as ice cream, apple fries and cinnamon bread to keep your tummy happy and well-fed!

Even if you don’t go for the rides, walking around a theme park is pretty exhausting, given the size of the place. This is the perfect time to enjoy cocktail drinks to keep you refreshed. You can enjoy a glass of wine and ice-cold drinks for your parched throat!

Enjoy other attractions

Contrary to popular belief, theme parks are not all about rides and rollercoasters. There are a lot of other attractions you can enjoy that are not known to the public eye. You can go visit wizards, witness dinosaurs in action and discover the magical world you’ve never seen before! This is the best option for people who are scared of the rides but still want to enjoy every minute of their theme park visit. 

You can read reviews online and visit their website to know a theme park’s attractions ahead of time. 

Spend the holidays

During the holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, amusement parks have a lot of holiday activities you can enjoy without going on rides. You can embrace the Christmas spirit and sing songs with your family to keep the bond alive. There are also a lot of decorations and ornaments you can take a picture of for your souvenirs!