Ohmax: Benefits of playing in indoor playpens

Playing freely and socialising is an important part of growing up. Children need to engage in these activities with their friends in a safe environment to harness skills that they cannot learn at home or in school. That’s why Ohmax’s indoor play area is vital in a community. 

Find out more about the benefits of our indoor play area for your kids and the rest of the community as you scroll through the official Ohmax website!

Keeping your kids safe

Your children must experience free play and independence at a young age. This will help them grow into well-rounded individuals that are ready to take on anything that life throws their way. However, as parents, you still want to keep them safe. 

Indoor play areas like the ones we have can help your children freely play with others their age in a safe environment. There are security cameras on the perimeter checked by personnel to ensure your child’s safety. Moreover, the area is tightly monitored by security staff so that no stranger can threaten your child. 

Encourages creativity

Aside from physical activities and obstacle courses that your children can play with, the whole area encourages creativity in all sorts of things. They can interact with other kids their age and collaborate with them on small ideas. This can then nurture camaraderie and teamwork skills for your kids. 

Additionally, this space allows them to explore different things that their imagination can conjure. They have the opportunity to independently figure out how different things, activities and toys are done. This gives them necessary experiences that can help develop their critical thinking abilities as well as motor skills. 

Physical exercise and development

Remove the televisions and mobile screens for a while and let your kids explore different physical activities that the Ohmax indoor playpen can provide. There are obstacle relays, Tibetan bridge battles, labyrinth races and hanging room free play that they can do while within the premises. This allows them to be physically active while enjoying themselves. They won’t even notice you were gone for a while!

An alternative to the outside

There’s no denying that the outside world can offer a lot of experiences for your child far greater than what the inside can provide. However, your child’s safety and security are what matters most. If you need to have something secure for your child to start exploring at a young age, Ohmax’s indoor playground is the best place to be!

Playing during extreme weather

You don’t have to let your child sulk inside your home when it’s pouring down hard. Bring them to the indoor playground so they’ll have the time of their life with children their age. Moreover, it’s also the perfect place to chill out while the sun is still blazing hot outside. 

The Ohmax playpen is fully air-conditioned with various staff that can take care of your child’s needs. If you have to specify some things that your child needs, you are free to discuss them with the management before leaving your child for a few hours. We will also call you in case any emergencies need your special attention.